NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — The City New Port Richey looks more festive than usual.

Dozens of decorated Christmas trees are now lining Sims Park to light up downtown.

But they’re more than just decorations.

What You Need To Know

Each tree is sponsored by a local business or resident for charity.

Business owners Joey Deeb and Regan Weiss came up with the idea. The money raised will go to families in need this Christmas, though their charity group, “Hub Life.”

“It’s a beautiful sight. It warms our heart. And that’s what we want to do. Help the community,” Deeb said.

More than a hundred sponsored trees now line the sidewalks of Sims Park.

“It feels good to see community comraderies. When we were out here the other day, we were putting up all of these trees. I just sat back and looked around and saw people smiling and happy. It’s been fun,” Weiss said.

One of those who decorated a tree is Courtney Rose, a local photographer.

She decorated with pictures of those in the community, as a way to remember better times.

“We’re having such weird things happen, such bizarre things. Christmas shouldn’t be one of those. And to still be able to bring joy to people’s faces, happy memories is a gift in itself,” Rose said.

There’s been one small hold up: this week’s high winds.



More than a hundred sponsored trees now line the sidewalks of Sims Park. (Tim Wronka, Spectrum News staff)

It blew down nearly all of the trees. But that didn’t stop the festivities, as the community came together to clean up.

“Picking up the trees, everyone still has a great attitude. You have broken ornaments, broken trees, and you know what? We just fix them. No problem. We pick up our pieces, we move on and we keep going,” Deeb said.

The trees will be part of lighting ceremony on Sunday December 6 at dusk. Some will then be given to families who couldn’t afford to get a Christmas tree this holiday season.

For more information on these trees or how to sponsor one, The Hub on Facebook.