ORLANDO, Fla. — Thousands of doses of vaccines are going into the arms of people in Central Florida and all around the country daily. 

Vaccination sites are staying busy, working to reach those over 65-years-old across the sunshine state. 

And there may soon be another option for the vaccine. 

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is getting a lot of people excited. 

Not only is it another potential option to protect more people from COVID-19, but their vaccine is only one dose, making it a lot easier to reach a broad swath of the population. 

In Orange County, the fourth-highest county in the state for vaccine distribution, more than 82,000 initial doses have gone out.

Across the sunshine state, more than 1.6 million Floridians have received at least their first dose with nearly 300,000 having completed their vaccine series. 

Nationwide, the U.S. is inching closer toward 30 million Americans having received at least one dose of the vaccine to protect them against COVID-19. 

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine isn’t approved just yet but it is expected to become the third vaccine approved for roll out across the country. With just a single dose needed, health leaders say this could be a game changer. 

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is only 66 percent effective compared to the 90 plus efficacy rate of both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine. 

However, health leaders stress that data is still promising.

And Johnson & Johnson’s doses can remain stable for two years at -4 degree temperatures or at least three months when stored at 36 to 46 degree temperatures. 

Johnson & Johnson say they have product ready to ship out immediately pending approvals.

They’re expected to file for emergency use authorization for their vaccine early February.