ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Being stuck at home over the past year spurred Marva and Warren Beck to clean out some old cluttered spaces. 

“I said, ‘I really want you to go through that closet,’ ” Marva said, “because I haven’t been in those drawers in like 20 years, and my daughter found this tape.”

What You Need To Know

  • Couple finds cassette tape while spring cleaning

  • A recording on the tape was Warren Beck's mother singing

  • The song was one Beck's mother sang to him when he was a child

  • The message made them eager to leave a message for their children

That cassette had a label with the simple message “Warren Beck, with love, Mother.” on the cover and an even more amazing message recorded on it.  

“It was my mother singing songs so I was pleasantly surprised to find that,” Warren said.

His mother died 20 years ago, but it turns out, the recording was made 40 years ago. The song was one his mother sang to him as a child. 

“Nobody could’ve had a sweeter mother-in-law than I did,” Marva said. “She was so precious, so sweet to us. She was sweet to our kids. So it’s been a very emotional 24 hours since we discovered this tape.”

So for Mother’s Day, this grateful couple wanted to make a lasting recording of their own to their kids -- Mark, Scott, Todd, Melanie and Warren. 

The message: “I’ve had a wonderful life with this man, but the best thing we ever did was being parents to all of you. Thank you for being such amazing children.”