Paint shortages across the nation are impacting Bay area manufacturers. Back in February, when President Joe Biden declared a State of Emergency for Texans experiencing severe winter storms, the icy weather literally froze up supply.

What You Need To Know

  • Polk County is experiencing a paint shortage that’s also being felt across the country

  • It stems from the winter storms that froze supplies in Texas

  • Local business owners are feeling the pinch

And that caused a ripple effect that, months later, continues to cost contractors and homeowners more money at home improvement stores.

“Some of the most common used paints are out of stock,” said Mike Marcewicz of Mike’s Painting and Home Improvements in Lakeland.  “The cold front that came through Texas earlier this year really affected us. A lot of the raw ingredients are stored in Texas — that’s where they make the paint. Once [it] froze, they were unable to use it.”

Macewicz says he’s been in business for decades but has never experienced anything like this.  

“I’ve been in business 31 years with Mike’s Painting back in 1990, when the town was just a small two road town. Here we are 31 years later, and the town is just exploding. But we can’t keep up with the demand,” he said.

The paint shortage is being felt in stores across the Bay area and across the country.

Here’s what Sherwin Williams has to say:

“In an already-challenged supply chain due to COVID-19, the February natural disaster in Texas further impacted the complex petrochemical network causing significant disruptions. These production disruptions, coupled with surging architectural and industrial demand, have pressured supply and rapidly driven commodity prices upward. Recovery has been significant in recent weeks and is improving, but is still far from complete. The pace at which capacity comes back online and supply becomes more robust remains uncertain. We have been highly proactive in managing the supply chain disruptions to minimize the impact on our customers.”

In the meantime, Macewicz and many other painters are on a waiting list to receive more supplies. 

“We’re backed up about two-and-a-half months right now, waiting for materials to get in. It’s kind of scary because the demand is there, but the supply is low both with materials and labor,” he said.

Polk County ranked one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, according to data from the U.S. Census — so there’s plenty of demand for paint.

“Most of the new calls that we’re getting are from people out of state buying new homes, repainting new homes,” Macewicz explained. “And the most common paint in out of stock; it’s very interesting times.” 

It is suggested that you contact your local store to find out if they have paint you're looking for in stock before making the trip.