LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — Both sets of parents in the Gabby Petito case spoke Tuesday in Long Island, New York.

What You Need To Know

The attorney for Petito's family did most of the speaking at the news conference, but her father, mother and step-father thanked everyone in the media and on social media for keeping her story going.

The family also showed off tattoos they now have — words and images that Gabby designed and drew.

The family did not speak about Brian Laundrie, the person of interest in the case, but their lawyer did say a little bit about him and his family.

He said the Laundrie family did not help find Gabby and he doesn't expect them to help investigators find Brian.

Petito's mother spoke about signs they’ve been seeing that show their daughter is still with them.

"We actually got behind a car yesterday and there was a Wyoming sticker and the letters were GBZ. Gabs. She's with us. She's with us," she said.

Her father, Joe Petito, stressed that the family is trying to stay positive.

"We need positive stuff to come from the tragedy that happened," he said. "We can't let her name be taken in vain."

Meanwhile, calls for Laundrie's parents to speak up are growing louder. There are those that believe his parents know more than what they are telling investigators.

Chris and Roberta Laundrie released a statement through their attorney, Steven Bertolino:

“The speculation by the public and some in the press that the parents assisted Brian in leaving the family home or in avoiding arrest on a warrant that was issued after Brian had already been missing for several days is just wrong."

Authorities are continuing a search for her Laundrie in rural Sarasota County while the FBI seeks new evidence in the death of his fiancé, Petito.

Over the weekend, members of law enforcement searched the Laundrie’s home. The family’s attorney said Laundrie’s parents are cooperating with the investigation.

The FBI requested some personal items belonging to Laundrie to assist them with DNA matching. Laundrie’s parents provided the FBI with those items.

On Sunday, mourners paid their respects to Petito.

Among those who congregated in Holbrook, about 35 miles east of New York City, were family members, friends, co-workers and people who were touched by Petito’s story even though they didn’t know her.

Her father said he hopes people will be inspired by his daughter.

Officials in Wyoming have charged Laundrie with unauthorized use of a debit card, alleging he used a Capital One Bank card and someone’s personal identification number to make unauthorized withdrawals or charges worth more than $1,000 during the period in which Petito went missing.

They did not say who the card belonged to.

Meanwhile, scaled-down searches are expected to continue in the Carlton Reserve area of Sarasota County.