ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — After years of remodeling, a St. Petersburg staple is finally restored - St. Pete High School.

What You Need To Know

  • St. Pete High School is in the state and national historic registry

  • That made the renovation anything but normal

  • $43.8 million project restored the school's original features, while providing latest technologies

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But this was not a normal restoration project, because the school is in the state and national historic registry.

With any historic remodel, you can’t just tear things down and put in all new items. You have to preserve.

For example, most of the outside facade was hand-painted to keep the detail and even gold lettering looking the same as it was when the school opened in 1926.

In total, this was a $43.8 million renovation project. The project goals included preserving and restoring the school’s original architecture and historic features while still providing the latest technologies to students.

Assistant principal Lincoln Yates, a 1994 graduate of the school, explained why the investment was so important to the community.

“The history is huge,” Yates said. “I mean, there is generations of families that have attended here, and they take pride in our school. So the school spirit has always been here. So anytime we have visitors, parents, grandparents that come tour the campus, they are always super excited to be back.”

Other areas of the school worked on included a new courtyard and cafeteria, wider hallways, upgraded football field, classroom makeovers, and then of course preserving the front of the building.

A ribbon cutting was planned at the school for Monday afternoon, with alumni and staff attending to view all the renovations.