TAMPA — New evidence is showing Florida has passed its peak of omicron infections.

What You Need To Know

  • USF Distinguished Health Professor Dr. Tom Unnasch says state is over the hump with omicron infections

  • ICU visits seemed to be leveling off as well, according to the HHS dashboard.

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USF Distinguished Health Professor Dr. Tom Unnasch told Spectrum News that new state data show's we're over the hump. He says, like in other cases, the more-contagious variant sent cases skyrocketing, but now the number of new cases is trending downward.

"So every 16 days we're going to have half as many cases as we did the 16 days previous,” Unnasch explained. “So it's starting to look like Florida, in terms of daily cases, is over the hump of the omicron variant wave that we've had, and we're now starting to see a nice steep decline in case numbers."

ICU visits seemed to be leveling off as well, according to the HHS dashboard.

When it comes to hospitalizations and other outcomes, Unnash warns we still have some challenging days ahead.

"The pressures will start to come off the hospitals in another 10 days to two weeks,” he said. “But then the death numbers will follow that for about two weeks. We'll see the after effects for quite a while."

On Tuesday, the Florida Hospital Association tweeted there are 10,643 total confirmed hospitalizations.

That's about 500 less than was reported last Friday.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Monday omicron might mark the end of COVID-19's pandemic phase, moving into endemic.

He said that's unless another more virulent and contagious variant pops up.

"Well, I kind of agree with Tony this might be the last super large wave that we see,” said Unnasch. “What's really different right now moving forward is that we have these two new drugs coming online, and it’s starting to look like the federal government finally woke up to the point that we need a lot of testing. And we’re going to flood the country with rapid tests."

Unnasch said these will help detect who's sick quicker and the anti-viral pills offer treatment much like Tami-flu does for influenza.