HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – While Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t spoken out specifically if he intends to push for abortions restrictions in Florida beyond the 15-week ban that will become law on Friday, one Hillsborough County Republican state Representative is clarifying that he’d like to see the state pass legislation to ban all abortions in the state.

What You Need To Know

  • The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion in America, allowing each individual state to create their own laws regarding abortion access.

  • The Florida GOP-led Legislature approved, and Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill prohibiting abortions in Florida after 15 weeks of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape, incest or human trafficking. The proposal is being challenged in court this week.

  • Several states around the country have now banned abortion outright following Friday’s court decision. Other states are imposing bans on abortions after six weeks.

“I’m 100% pro-life,” Valrico-based GOP Rep. Mike Beltran says. “I meant what I said when I ran and I’m going to deliver on my promise.”

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Beltran says that he supported an earlier proposal in the Florida House this year that would have banned abortions after six weeks. That measure died in committee. He says that bill was crafted to pass constitutional muster, but says that after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Roe last week, there are no limitations on what states like Florida can pass with abortion restrictions.

“The baseline for what we do for abortion has always been what the court will uphold, and the court will now uphold just about anything, and so we should take the most robust measures possible in order to protect the unborn,” he says.

Shortly after the decision on Roe was announced on Friday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tweeted that Florida “will work to expand pro-life protections,” spurring the thought that he may push for further restrictions beyond the 15-week ban set to become state law later this week. But he declined to engage with reporters following a press conference in Tampa on Monday and has yet to say more on the issue.

The Florida Democratic Party called that comment “ominous” in a statement released on Tuesday.

Polls have consistently shown that majorities of Florida citizens support abortion rights. A University of North Florida survey released in February showed that 57% of Floridians opposed the bill on banning abortions after 15 weeks. A St. Leo University Polling Institute survey from last fall showed that 50% of Floridians opposed a proposal that would prohibit abortions after the point where a fetal heartbeat can be detected or after six weeks of pregnancy, while 42% supported it.

As supporters of the 15-week ban on abortion spoke about during the regular 2022 legislative session, the vast majority of abortions that take place in 2020 are before 13 weeks. According to the legislative bill analysis for CS/HB 5, there were 68,449 abortions in Florida in 2021. Of those, 64,345 were performed in the first trimester (12 weeks and under), while 4,104 were performed in the second trimester (13 to 24 weeks). That’s less than 6% of the total number performed.

Beltran is now running in the newly made up House District 70, which, according to the expert analysis by MCI Maps, went for Donald Trump with 54% of the vote in 2020. Beltran says he doesn’t care what the polls say with ending abortions.

“Let me be very clear here. I would give my life to end abortion and protect the unborn,” he says. “I would certainly give up my seat if we have to give up a legislative majority, then that’s the price to pay. There’s no price that is too high to pay to protect the truly innocent people who cannot protect themselves,” Beltran said.

Beltran will run in November against Democrat Eleuterio Salazar Jr. He says that Beltran is out of step with his push to ban abortion services completely in Florida.

“A majority of Floridians, and mainly women, do not agree with any sort of even the 15-week ban that we have now in Florida that will go into effect on Friday,” he tells Spectrum Bay News 9. “When we have a majority of women in the country that do not agree that the government should have a say over their body rights, and what they do and what they choose to do with abortion, that’s an issue.”

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Salazar opposes the 15-week ban on abortions in Florida and cites the experience that his ex-wife went through when she had their child. 

“We had multiple miscarriages,” he recalls. “And we didn’t find out until we were almost entering the second trimester.”

Late this afternoon a spokesperson for Gov. DeSantis sent Spectrum Bay News 9 this statement on where his administration stands on abortion rights in Florida.

“As the governor stated after the Dobbs’ was released on Friday, we celebrate the decision as an answer to countless prayers from across the State of Florida and the nation. We very much look forward to pursuing additional legislative protections for the unborn. This week we are actively engaged in a legal battle over the recently signed pro-life HB 5. These challenges are pending in state court and are distinct from the federal issues resolved by the Supreme Court last week. Our future legislative action necessarily depends on the resolution of these legal issues. We are in continuous contact with the legislature as this litigation proceeds, and we look forward to future policy plans to defend the unborn.”