ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — St. Petersburg Deputy Mayor Stephanie Owens sent a letter of resignation to Mayor Ken Welch on Friday afternoon, according to a press release from the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Her resignation will be effective Sept. 9.

Janelle Taylor resigned as the city’s communications director on Thursday, citing a "hostile work environment" and "culture of bullying" related to her supervisor, Owens.

Welch contacted the human resources team when he became aware of the issue to start a thorough review, and placed Owens on administrative leave, according to officials.

The police department said that in light of Owens' resignation, there is no longer a need for an internal review, however, Welch has asked human resources to implement additional measures to educate employees on their rights and protections and encourage workplace civility and professionalism throughout the city.

Welch will hold a press conference next week to discuss how the city will move forward.