It was a very busy overnight for a U.S. Coast Guard crew out of Air Station Clearwater.

The crew rescued seven people from four separate incidents that spanned from southwest Florida to here in Tampa Bay.

The helicopter rescue crew was on standby in West Palm Beach when they were first dispatched to Fort Myers. A man's boat had run aground on top of mangroves.

They rescued him, and the calls kept coming.

While the team says they train extensively, Ian did present some out-of-the-ordinary challenges.

“It reminded me of my time in Alaska, flying up there. We’re not used to 40, 50 knot winds here. The helicopter handles a little bit differently,” Micah Acree, USCG Aircraft Commander.

“Usually, we have good light sources from all the cities around here when we’re doing cases, but last night, most of the power was out.”

The team also took part in the rescue of two kayakers Thursday morning in Gulfport.