PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — An intersection in Trinity that has seen dozens of crashes in recent years has neighbors asking if something can be done to fix it.

What You Need To Know

  • Trinity resident Lynn Sayne reached out to Spectrum Bay News 9 about Little Road and Mitchell Boulevard

  • FHP says there’s been more than 30 crashes there since June 2020

  • Drivers say high speed and increased traffic are part of the issue there

The intersection of Little Road and Mitchell Boulevard may not look like the busiest intersection at first glance. But Trinity resident Lynn Sayne feels differently.

“At home, you’ll hear the sound of metal crashing. Cars running into each other at this particular intersection,” Sayne said.  

He crosses the intersection of Little Road and Mitchell Boulevard in Trinity every day and says he has seen a lot of problems there.

“We’ve actually walked down here a number of times at night and see really bad accidents taking place. So it’s a pretty tough intersection,” Sayne said.

Spectrum Bay News 9 checked with Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) about the intersection. FHP officials say since June 2020, there has been 34 crashes there, many of them with injuries.

Sayne feels it’s due to speeding on Little Road, which can make it dangerous for those making a left turn onto Mitchell Boulevard.

“It’s 45. But you seldom see people staying at that. If I stay at 45, I’m being passed on both sides,” Sayne said.

Trinity has also seen an increase in traffic as the area grows.

Sayne feels more patrols or even better lighting at nighttime could help make the intersection safer.

“I think we’ve got a lot more traffic coming through because of the new subdivisions than they used to have,” Sayne said. “And because of that, it’s bringing a lot more congestion to the area.”

A Pasco County Sheriff’s Office official said law enforcement officers focus mostly on priority calls for service and leave traffic enforcement to FHP.

Spectrum Bay News 9 also reached out to Pasco County about any potential changes to the intersection, but has not received a response yet.