DADE CITY, Fla. — Blazing Stars Montessori School opened in January in Dade City.

LaTania Scott is the co-founder of the school and the Director of Education.

She’s been teaching for 17 years and says she wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl. When asked her favorite part about teaching, she said.

“Being able to see the children have change and seeing their growth and being able to celebrate that with them,” said Scott.

What You Need To Know

Miss LaTania wanted to open a Montessori School to give families in Pasco County another option for education.

“Montessori is all hands on, teaching things in a very concrete way,” said Scott.

Right now, 10 students are attending. They’re each learning at their own pace. That’s the philosophy at the school.

“Every child is important and here at Blazing Stars, every family is just as important as every child is,” said Scott.

Scott founded the school alongside Kameeka Shirley. Shirley says she is glad to be on this journey with Scott.

“She is able to respond to the needs of the students to really access what it is that they need and make minor adjustments for them,” said Shirley.

Their goal is to make this type of learning accessible for all.

“Our goal is to bring Montessori to all that want it. And to make it affordable so that we can have an environment that is both diverse and inclusive,” said Scott.

Each child learns in their own way, but they are all given the same amount of love.

“That’s the way to reach them is just by showing a little bit of love and tenderness and that’s how you get them to achieve their goals and the beauty of that is I get to be a part of them achieving their goals,” said Scott.

Scott and Shirley hope to enroll more students at the school. They can accommodate up to 47.