TAMPA, Fla. —  Dozens of registered sex offenders live in a small area of Ybor City near North Nebraska. Residents who live nearby expressed their outrage that so many live in their area and want to see some of them moved to another location.

What You Need To Know

  •  Ybor City neighborhood houses dozens of sex offenders     

  •  Some local residents want high number of sex offenders moved out of area 

  •  Residents want city council to figure out a solution to move sex offenders 

Teresa Guisti has lived in Ybor City for several years and lives just a block away from the sex offender housing.

“I don’t understand why they are being sent to our neighborhood only and that was the thing that shocked me the most,” Guisti said.

She, along with some neighbors, went before the Tampa City Council to express their anger and frustration.

“To think this is not affecting our neighborhood is just crazy to me, to think there is nothing we can do is crazy to me,” Guisti said.

The Tampa City Council held a workshop on Thursday to discuss possible solutions, but said moving the sex offenders is of out of their hands and that it is a state issue. However, council members agreed that more security measures should be put in place in the area like cameras.

The council did vote to move forward with checking zoning laws and to have the Fire Marshal visit the homes to see if having so many people in one home is a fire hazard.