TAMPA, Fla. — Residents in Tampa's SoHo district are worried about safety after a deadly shooting over the weekend along South Howard Avenue.

Monday, the chief of police and officers met with residents and business owners to reassure them.

What You Need To Know

  • TPD met with residents and businesses owners Monday night to discuss a weekend shooting along South Howard Avenue 

  • Chief Lee Bercaw looked to reassure the public that officers will be patrolling the area and working to keep the community safe

  • Some residents complained about the nightlife in the SoHo area

“We’ve seen a slight increase in crime but also seen a marked increase in police activity in this area. That’s one of those proactive measures we are always taking,” said Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw.

Two people were killed, and another person was injured in the Sunday shooting.

Chief Bercaw says it wasn’t a random act of violence and the two groups were targeting one another.

“We wanted to come out here to reassure the community that we are out here,” said Bercaw. “We will continue to be out here and I’ll even add more officers because I want everyone to continue to be safe.”

While residents want solutions to the violence, they also want to see changes to the nightlife. Such as bars closing early and noise levels being lowered.

Kevin Buhrman has lived in the SoHo area for eight years, and he says every year gets more hectic.

“Every year it’s getting louder and louder,” said Buhrman. “No one does anything about it and in two years — several shootings.”

As for local businesses, Stephen Michelini organized the gathering. He is the general manager for the SoHo Business Alliance that helps more than 30 businesses along Howard Avenue.

“You have residences that are 100 feet away from the businesses — but the business were here and residents came later,” said Michelini.

Chief Bercaw says there will be more meeting in the future.

As for Sunday’s shooting, the Tampa Police Department is still asking the public for any footage or information about that incident to help the ongoing investigation.