BOCA CHICA, Texas — A test version of SpaceX's next-generation rocket, Starship, appeared to partially burst apart during a ground test in Texas on Wednesday.

  • Apparent rocket explosion happened Wednesday in Texas
  • SpaceX was testing prototype of new spacecraft Starship
  • Video shows top being blown off, large plume of smoke
  • Destination Space: Upcoming launches from Florida

In webcam video shared with Spectrum News, an apparent explosion atop the prototype Starship MK-1 sends the top portion flying high into the air, before a huge plume of white smoke engulfs it.

The test took place at SpaceX's Boca Chica facility in Texas.

In a reply to a Twitter user, CEO Elon Musk appeared to confirm that the test rocket had "blown its top off" during the ground test.

A spokesperson for SpaceX in an email said "the outcome was not completely unexpected." No one was injured, and it wasn't a "serious setback," the spokesperson said.

SpaceX said the MK-1 was not intended to fly, and its team is focused on the MK3 builds, which are designed for travel to space.

The company expects the Starship to eventually be resuable for flying humans and cargo from the Earth to the International Space Station, the moon, and Mars. The spacecraft already has its first customer: a Japanese billionaire who has paid for a trip with other artists to go around the moon, estimated to happen in 2023.

SpaceX also has a Starship production facility in Cocoa, Florida.