TAMPA -- "Just making the crowd go wild, hearing people scream my name, having the ball in my hands is amazing."

Special things tend to happen when Kailyn Gilbert has the basketball in her hands. If you watch her play, it won’t take you long to realize that she’s incredibly talented. But the thing that really blows people away is when they find out how young she is.

"They're like like woah, are you sure?" said Gilbert. "You’re not a senior? They think I’m like held back or something." "My assistant and I talk all the time,  she’ll do things and we just sit there like wow, she’s 14," said Tampa Prep girls basketball coach Erin Knight."  "She’s only a freshman, she does things all the time that amaze us."

Kailyn is one of the most prolific scorers in the state, averaging more than 30 points per game. "I don’t know if you guys know her, but her name is Chennedy Carter," she said."  "She’s a point guard for Texas A&M, that’s who I model my game after. The way we shoot, the way we pass, the way we dribble."

The only thing more impressive than Kailyn’s game are the lofty goals she’s set for herself. I want to win Player of the Year before my senior year, win a state title, play in the McDonald’s All-American game, make the U-17 team."

Most 14 year olds could only dream of accomplishing even one of those goals, let alone all of them.

"Just to watch her develop thus far, to realize she’s got three more years to do this is really exciting but also crazy," said Knight. "The girl has the opportunity to do some incredible things and have an incredibly accomplished high school career."

But for someone as talented as Kailyn, it doesn’t seem like a question of if she can accomplish these goals, but when.