Robinson High School head track coach Mark Altimari knows a good runner when he sees one and the first time he saw Ethan Geiger he knew he had a good one.

"You just knew from the beginning, I told my son, who’s my assistant, this kids got it.

Geiger, now a senior has been the best cross country runner in Hillsborough County all season, winning all six of the races he has entered.

"It’s a matter of mentality, all runners come in different shapes and sizes but it’s a matter of lthe mind and the mindset that drives you.

His coach sees his seniors mindset every day.

"He wants to be successful beyond successful, he wants to be the kid that no one was ever that successful and he’s on track to be the best runner in Hillsborough County in my lifetime".

As a freshman, Ethan was looking for a sport to play, he admits he wasn't very good at basketball or swimming so his mother forced him in to track and something just clicked.

Now, four years later he is one of the top runners in 3-A after winning the 5 K district championship recently to qualify for the regional meet and he is getting used to running with a target on his back.

"A lot of people want to race hard against me they want to challenge me and in big tournaments there’s pressure a lot of people are watching and there like he’s gonna come out and race today they hold some expectations but I just do what I have to do I follow my own goals".

Ethan's final goal, will be to win a state championship for himself and his school. He would be the first individual at Robinson to win a state title in 29 years, and the team title would be the first in the schools history.