LARGO, Fla. - There’s no place like home.

Especially now.

“I think the idea of home has never been more powerful,” said Habitat for Humanity President/CEO Mike Sutton.

The Coronavirus has given a whole new meaning to what makes a home.

“I think it really put into perspective for so many people how important a house is,” Sutton said.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Warrick Dunn didn’t need a pandemic to put the true meaning of home into perspective.

“Having a place to call home creates a lot more stability and a piece of mind for families,” Dunn said.

Enlightenment courtesy of a virus wasn’t necessary for former Tampa Bay Ray Denard Span either.

“This is life changing,” Span said. “This is one of the most important essentials for a family is to have shelter and reliable shelter. And this is what it’s all about.”

These two former professional athletes joined forces to help out Allison and her family. Dunn furnished the home and provided help with the down payment. Span stocked the kitchen with groceries and the garage with a new van.

“When you look at the work that Denard and Warrick are both doing post career,” Sutton said, “I think it speak volumes to the fact that they have this platform that they can use to really shine a light on the community.”

This one’s for the moms.

And not just any mom, the single moms. The ones who sacrifice and put family first. Not all heroes wear capes. But Warrick and Denard think these women are just as super. That’s why for the past 23 years, Warrick’s honored them with his Homes for the Holidays charity. This is No. 182.

“My favorite part is when I hand the keys and we actually walk through the door,” Dunn said. “When you see their expression and their emotion, to me that’s just priceless."

Warrick and Denard know from first-hand experience the impact a single mom can make. They were both raised by strong single moms. And that upbringing formed the foundation for both of their charities.

“This is way more impactful than competing on the field,” Span said. “We have an opportunity to be a blessing to others.”

Home is where the heart is. Warrick and Denard packed a whole lot of heart into this home. And now its onto the next one.

“It’s been a great opportunity to serve different communities,” Dunn said. “And impact communities in a positive way. We’re going to try to do as many homes as we can.”