Many homeowners in Florida have installed solar panels. Do you ever wonder if it could work at your house?  

What You Need To Know

  • Solar United Neighbors to hold a webinar Thursday, May 13

  • You can get your solar questions answered

  • There are Florida solar co-ops offered if you have an interest in going solar

You might be asking: How are others doing it? Who are they hiring? Are solar panels reliable?

How much does it cost? Can my roof support it? Does my house need to face a certain direction? Does my homeowner's association allow me to get solar panels? Will I still get an electric bill? 

Solar panels might be a good fit for your home, and maybe not. No matter if you’re skeptical or highly interested, the place to start is by getting questions answered from the independent non-profit agency ‘Solar United Neighbors (SUN).  

You’re lucky because they have a local division that helps answer all those questions and more. They also help organize groups of people to get bulk pricing from local solar contractors. 

It’s a great, non-stressful place to start if you’ve ever wanted questions answered about solar power.

Here’s the link to a Zoom information session for the Solar Florida 101 Webinar being held Thursday, May 13 at 12 p.m. 

Here are links to Solar United Neighbors information:

Solar United Neighbors of Florida Homepage 

Information to the Solar United Neighbors co-op