Smoke from Canadian wildfires has made it all the way down the East Coast into Florida. It’s causing spots of relatively poor air quality on Tuesday.

What You Need To Know

  • Canadian wildfire smoke is over Florida

  • It’s reducing air quality in some places

  • Smoke has also caused hazy skies

The smoke has caused the hazy sky early this week, and it’s also been enough to reduce air quality in some parts of our region. Occasionally, the smoke will cause the air quality to be unhealthy for sensitive groups, such as those with respiratory issues, children and older adults.

Those in the sensitive groups should limit their time outdoors when the air quality is poor enough. Here’s a current map of the latest air quality.

Wildfire smoke will gradually move away and diminish later Tuesday, although some of it could linger a bit into Wednesday. Air quality will improve as the smoke moves away.


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