Police say a Tampa woman left her 2-year-old son home alone while she went to work at a strip club.

Rhonda Judith Perry, 25, was arrested at Mons Venus Wednesday night after officers say they found her son crying, dirty and unsupervised at her home.

Club owner Joe Redner says there was nothing to indicate Perry was leaving her child at home alone while she worked.

"I look at all the girls to make sure they're Mons-quality girls,” said Redner. “She was a pretty girl, polite, never had any problem.  Not with customers or any aspect.  I asked my manager about it and he said "’Joe, she's one of the girls.’"

Officers responded to the home after a neighbor notified police that a small child had been left alone and was crying inside.

Since the front door was locked, officers climbed into the house through an unlocked window and took the child from the house.

He was wearing a soiled shirt and no diaper or pants, police say.  Officers searched the house and no one else was home.

Police say there was fecal matter on the floors and walls throughout the house. The bathroom plumbing appeared to be backed up and there was eight inches of black water in the bathtub, police say.

Officers responded to the mother's workplace at Mons Venus where she was arrested and transported to Orient Road Jail.

DCF was notified and they took custody of the child.