As Tropical Storm Debby rains poured down, neighbors said the elderly homeowner who lives at a home in Brooksville woke up with furniture floating around him.

At one point, the water rose halfway up into the home.

Heavy rains since the storm have made a bad situation worse as not one, but two sinkholes opened up at a home the Brooksville within the past few days. The front yard is almost swallowed up by sinkholes at the home off U.S. 41.

"It's overwhelmed me," neighbor Carrol Bramande said, "because I hadn't seen a sinkhole anywhere near this area before." Bramande worried more sinkholes could open near her home. "It's not an easy thing to see right down the street from you, that's for sure," Bramande said.

"It was an incredible amount of water," Nelson Dominguez said as he stood on the shoulder of a road near the home. The trucker saw the home when it was flooded last week. "It's crazy. I think the biggest fear for all of us is how much more rain and how many more sinkholes are going to keep popping up in the area?"

The elderly homeowner was taken to a hospital after being rescued. He is expected to be alright. It is not known if the man had any insurance on the home.