Three juvenile suspects are in custody and facing charges after an early morning double shooting in Brandon.

Only two of the suspects, ages 17 and 15, are facing charges in connection with the shooting. The other 17-year-old suspect is charged with possession of the unauthorized prescription medication.

Deputies say the motive for the shooting appears to be drug-related and not a random act.

Both victims, identified as 28-year-old Travis Cabrera and 31-year-old Antonio Hicks, are still recovering in a local hospital. Their injuries were upgraded to non-life threatening.

It happened just before 7 a.m. and led to the modified lockdown of five schools for several hours.

Sky 9 was flying overhead when the first of the three suspects was tackled by a Good Samaritan and Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy.

Elizabeth Baxley lives across the street from the home where the shooting happened and said she yelled at the suspects to stop shooting during the attack.

"I was scared for any children that were walking around here," Baxley said. "I mean, it was broad daylight, it's time for school, and this guy had no [problems] about shooting. This guy in broad daylight where everyone seen him."

Baxley said she saw the shooter standing over a victim, continuing to open fire.

Investigators say the two shooting victims, both men, were walking to the home on E. Morgan Street with a woman when they were followed by the suspects.

When the groups arrived at the home, some kind of confrontation led to the gun attack.

The witness to the shooting, Elizabeth Baxley, said she saw drug deals at the home happening frequently in the past six months.

"They'd pull up here dealing drugs out the window and she'd be on the phone. And I had talked to her a couple times and told her I wish you would stop," Baxley said.