Nearly 1,300 acres of farmland in west Bradenton may soon be developed into a multi-functional community.

West Bradenton resident Whiting Preston and his family have been farming on the land for past 50 years. Now, they are looking to build houses, shops, cafes and walking trails on the property.

“Were sort of at this point where we think we need to plan for the future and plan for what’s right in this area,” Preston said.

Before they can make any decisions, they are asking the public for opinions.

“It’s important to me, it's important to the guys I am working with, that we create this sort of interaction directly with the community, because it’s our approach to doing something we think is very special that will help this whole area,” Preston said.

Once Whiting gets a better idea of what residents want, he'll go from growing tomatoes on the vine to growing a new community in Manatee County.

To voice your opinion on what you would like to see on the land, visit their website.