As authorities sort out the chaos that unfolded after gunfire erupted along Clearwater Beach on Memorial Day, the names of the four people arrested have been released.  

According to Clearwater police, a fight broke out between two groups of people and gunshots followed.

Two people were shot in the gunfire that broke out outside the Clearwater Beach Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa just before 7 p.m.

Eight people were taken into custody for questioning, and four people, all from Tampa, were arrested.

Jerry Holmes Jr., 31, Jeffrey Grier, 20, and Jared Woodard, 19, are facing weapons charges. Holmes was identified as the gunman, according to police.

Kayvius Pringle, 20, was charged with resisting an officer without violence. He originally gave police the name of his friend Terrance Kirnes, 20, and that has been corrected in the jail records.

All four of the men live within a few miles of each other in Tampa.

Police said the argument between the two groups started in a temporary beach parking lot near the Hyatt.

As tempers flared, a gun was pulled out and shots were fired along the street in front of the Hyatt and from the garage.

One witness said as the gunman ran from the scene, no one did anything to stop him.

"The bit I am appalled at is that when the guy is running away with the gun, no one is trying to tackle the bloke," said tourist Ashley Arkell. "Nobody is trying to prevent anything from happening. They are filming. They are filming for social media, trying to get hits on social media like it's a big deal, and that's what I find disgusting."

Meanwhile, Clearwater police are not saying if more people were involved.

The two people shot are expected to recover.

It appears the people shot were parts of the groups that were fighting.

Police have not ruled out that the shooting was gang related. However, the brother of the Jared Woodard said his brother is not in a gang and that the situation was just a fight that spiraled out of control.