Deputies are looking for a 96-year-old woman with dementia who wandered from her Palmetto home early Friday morning.

Freda Rizzo was last seen at the home on West 40th Court in Palmetto, which she has shared with her son, Ronald, for the last three years.

Deputies said her son reported hearing her bedroom door slide open at 9:45 a.m.  He got up about 15 minutes later to check on her, and she was nowhere to be found, deputies said.

Rizzo noticed the front door was ajar, so he called 911.

Deputies searched the home, the surrounding area and local hospitals, but they were unable to find her.  She is considered missing and endangered.

Freda Rizzo is described as a white woman who stands 4'11" and has silver hair. She uses a walker that is black and has three wheels.  She was last seen wearing white slip-on tennis shoes, a purple short-sleeve cotton shirt and blue or black slacks.

Anyone who sees her is asked to contact law enforcement.