State Attorney General Pam Bondi is talking about a contribution from Donald Trump's foundation.

  • Bondi scrutinized for receiving $25k from Trump
  • State AG denies she did anything wrong
  • She says her office only received one complaint at the time of donation

She defended the donation on Tuesday, saying it wasn’t a payoff to keep her from investigating Trump University.

Bondi spoke of her respect for Trump and his family, noting that while she knew his family during the 2013 campaign, she didn’t solicit money specifically from him.

"I respect him, I respect his family, and I was calling friends and family and many people because I was running for re-election,” Bondi said. 

“I’m a career prosecutor,” she said. “I am proud and I will never let any money or anyone effect what I do.”

This comes after Bondi was scrutinized by critics for receiving $25,000 from Trump around the same time his institution Trump University came under legal question.

“I would never, ever trade any kind of campaign donation, that’s absurd, for some type of favor to anyone,” Bondi said. “He donated to multiple candidates, Republican and Democrats.”

Bondi continued to deny she did anything wrong and points out the complaints made against Trump University in the past have been sent to New York. Its attorney general is taking legal action.

She also said her office had only received one complaint at the time of the donation.