TAMPA, Fla. — Looking to get rid of your extra Gasparilla beads from last weekend? A local organization is encouraging people to donate them.

MacDonald Training Center, Inc. helps adults with learning disabilities receive training for careers. 

You can drop the beads off at the center now. Beginning this weekend, bins will be placed at community centers throughout Tampa for people to drop their beads in. 

Through Earth Day, they will collect the beads and sort them. Then students at the center will repackage them and they'll be sold for next year's events. 

"Instead of these beads ending up in the Bay, they're going back to support our mission," said Libby Barnes, the volunteer coordinator at the center. 

The profits will help fund programs at the center. Last year nearly $3,000 was raised. 

The participating community centers are below: 

Copeland Park Community Center

11001 N 15th Street

Kate Jackson Community Center

821 S Rome Ave

Loretta Ingraham Recreation Complex 

1611 N Hubert Ave

Port Tampa Community Center

4702 W McCoy St

MacDonald Training Center

(Weekdays 8:30am-4:30pm)

5420 W Cypress St