PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Newly released video shows accused murderer Charisse Stinson the night her 2-year-old son, Jordan Belliveau, went missing.


Surveillance video recorded that night and obtained from residences and businesses in Largo shows a shadowy figure walking through the streets. 

Investigators say that figure, seen for example climbing up park equipment in Largo Central Park, was Stinson. She would later tell investigators she woke up in that same park after a man named "Antwan" knocked her out and kidnapped Jordan.

Another recording shows Stinson walking into a hotel lobby and collapsing on the floor. Stinson told police she stumbled into the hotel after regaining consciousness.

We later learned Stinson confessed to making the whole story up. 

Another clip in the discovery of this case is a green backpack, found in a dumpster near the route police say Stinson took that night. Records show that backpack belonged to Jordan.

These are just some pieces of evidence prosecutors will have for Stinson’s trial in March. She has pleaded not guilty of first-degree murder.