TAMPA, Fla. — A former Hillsborough County employee is asking commissioners to search for more lost graves, this time in east Tampa.

Ray Reed has spent years researching forgotten graves in the county.

He says that before the 1950s, the area along 22nd Street and Hillsborough Avenue used to be a cemetery for whites, while blacks were buried nearby along Hillsborough Avenue.

Reed thinks there are forgotten graves there to this day.

"It’s disgusting when you think about it," Reed said. "That should be sacred space. I sure wouldn't want an apartment building or a parking lot on top of me."

Hillsborough County Commission Chair Les Miller said the county will perform "due diligence" on the issue.

"If it is (a grave), then we got to find out if their families are still alive," Miller said.

Miller says that a more concrete plan is going to take some time, and then a vote will take place.