CLEARWATER, Fla. - The City of Clearwater announced on Wednesday they'll have a groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation of Crest Lake Park.

  • BP Oil Spill Settlement still being used in Tampa Bay
  • Settlement money will continue to pour in for at least a decade
  • Total BP money paid out pushing $60 billion

It'll cost $6.4 million, but the city has that sum covered, thanks to their settlement with BP Oil.

Almost 10 years since the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and five years from the settlement was announced, BP oil money is still coming to Tampa Bay.

Clearwater officials confirmed the Crest Lake renovation is all of the money from their settlement.

Other cities and municipalities will continue to receive money from BP for some time.

In Manatee County for example, their $12 million plus settlement is in installments running 15 years.

Pasco County is in year four of a 15-year plan as well.

Officials told Spectrum Bay News 9 they used about $1.3 million on projects, have about $3 million left for other potential projects and will have more money in the coming years.

Pinellas County has their list of projects on their website.

The list tells where their $7 million is going, what's finished and continues to be worked on.

The City of Tampa used their $27 million-plus to help pay for Julian B. Lane Park in downtown.

Hillsborough used part of their $22.8 million on the construction of a film school, the ferry project and others. They have about $780,000 left in reserves.

Just last month a court ordered BP to pay settlements to five Walmart’s including one in Destin, Florida and another in Panama City, signaling payouts are still being enforced by courts 10 years after the event.

Last May, a federal court rejected a claim by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for almost $20 million related to the oil spill.

The total BP settlement to states and the federal government came out to $20 billion

BP also had to pay the Justice Department $4 billion, with another $32 billion earmarked for disaster cleanup.