TAMPA, Fla. – During her first interview with WTMP Community Radio,  Tampa Police Chief Mary O'Connor addressed her arrest from 27 years ago that resulted in her getting fired from the Tampa Police Department. 

She explained to host Bishop Michelle Patty that both she and her then boyfriend Officer Keith O'Connor were arrested following a traffic stop. 

He was charged with DUI while O'Connor was charged with battery of a law enforcement officer, obstruction and disorderly intoxication. 


Police Chief Mary O'Connor was 24 years old at the time and said it was an immature, unfortunate incident. 

"I was a new Tampa Police Officer and I made a big mistake," she said. "I lost my job everything I worked so hard for and I found myself at home with no income, no job and realized immediately I wanted to get back to what I wanted to do – my life-long calling, and I was very fortunate to be given a second chance."

Though O'Connor is Mayor Jane Castor's pick for Police Chief, her appointment won't be official until City Council confirms it with a vote.