PLANT CITY, Fla. — James Webb is a YouTube star and author of Jimmy’s World, which documents his recovery of old airplanes.

“It’s a passion of mine. I’ve always fixed up things since I was little kid,” said Webb.

His latest project is the 1962 Lockheed Jet Star, which he bought at an auction.

What You Need To Know

  • At an auction, James Webb bought a 1962 Lockheed Jet Star once owned by Elvis Presley

  • James Webb documents his recovery of old airplanes on his YouTube channel, Jimmy’s World

  • The plane will be repurposed for a tour bus for the Las Vegas strip

It was owned by the “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley.

The auction happened on what would have been Elvis’s 88th birthday and days before his daughter Lisa Marie’s death.

Presley had several planes in his fleet.

“The ones that he owned are the Lisa Maria, The Hound Dog II and this one (Jet Star),” said Webb.

Elvis purchased the plane in 1976.

It was later sold and since then, Webb says there have been several owners.

“Then, the McKay Oil Company out of Roswell, New Mexico bought it and that’s where it ultimately ended up being abandoned,” Webb said.

The plane was abandoned in a desert for 40 years before it was listed for auction.

The FAA took the jet out of service in 1983.

“Because of FAA regulations was the reason it was grounded in the first place. They haven’t changed those regulations and the parts for this plane no longer exist. We don’t have them to make this plan fly again,” said Webb.

The once 60 foot-long jet sits in pieces at Webb’s Plant City garage.

“This is the original red color and because it’s been sitting in a dessert, it has a salmon type of color,” said Webb. “We’re gonna paint it, fix it and get it all nice and neat on the outside.”

Webb says he spent all of his life’s savings on the plane and brought it for $260,000. He says he’s always been a fan of Elvis and with this purchase, he’s now an investor in his brand.

“During this time in history, where Elvis is seeing such a big resurgence in his popularity and being able to own just a small piece of it with one of these airplanes, has changed my life,” said Webb.

Webb says the interior of the plane has the original amenities and furnishings that Elvis had installed during his ownership.

Webb plans to create an experience for fans of Elvis to enjoy.

In a year, fans will be able to take a seat in Elvis’ plane because it will be repurposed for a tour bus for the Las Vegas strip.

“Everything about this is about keeping Elvis’ memory alive and what we can do and promote the Presley family,” Webb said.

Proceeds from the tour bus will benefit several of Elvis’ favorite charities, including the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.