Just east of Tropical Storm Philippe, another disturbance in the central Atlantic will likely form into a tropical system within the next day or so.

What You Need To Know

  • A disturbance in the central Atlantic has high odds of development

  • It should become a tropical depression or storm within the next day or so

  • It's moving west-northwest

Shower and thunderstorm activity with this disturbance haven't changed much since yesterday. However, its closeness to Tropical Storm Philippe means the two have been interacting, making development of this one a little slower.

Conditions remain favorable as long as it and Philippe stay separated enough, so this disturbance still has high odds of development. It's expected to become a tropical depression or tropical storm within another day or so. If it becomes a tropical storm, it will be named Rina.

This system will move northwest in the central Atlantic over the next several days.

Computer forecast models show the system continuing to move through open water of the central Atlantic, possibly taking a northern turn. However, forecast confidence is somewhat low because of how close it is to Philippe.

Spaghetti models or plots show a series of individual computer forecast models together on one map. They are useful to give insight into whether multiple models are in agreement on the path of the storm but they do not address the storm’s forecast intensity, winds, flooding and storm surge potential or other data. Tap here for more details on how to best use these models.

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