TAMPA, Fla. — The holiday season seems to be the busiest and most stressful time of the year.  One Bay area deacon is trying to make the holidays a little less stressful for travelers at Tampa International Airport. 

  • Deacon offers prayers, candy canes at TIA
  • Joe Krzanowski on a mission to spread Christmas cheer
  • Krzanowski talks to travelers about their lives

Every Monday, Deacon Joe Krzanowski makes his rounds at the airport, talking to travelers as they pass through with his prayer list in hand.

Traveling during Christmas can be really stressful and it can be a very emotional time of the year for a lot of people — that's why the volunteer Chaplain at Tampa International Airport is offering a prayer for anyone who may need it and even some sweet treats.  

Deacon Joes said he carries around candy canes to serve as a good ice breaker. He said seeing people's faces light up, hearing their stories, and having the opportunity to add them to his prayer list is why he keeps doing this year after year. 

"It is energizing. It's a wonderful time to watch people light up, to feel a little bit of the spirit of the season, or any other time you can bring some light into people's lives," Krzanowski said. 

So if you are traveling through Tampa during the holidays, be sure to keep an eye out for Deacon Joe and maybe even receive a prayer and a candy cane to help you get through the holiday season.